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Wild Spirit River Company started as a dream vocation for one man, Dan Alsup. Tragically Dan would pass away before his first year of operation. The newly started business was handed down to is daughter, Rachel. Rachel set out to make her dads dreams a reality but would then face the challenges of COVID 19 and the closing economy. A vaccine was prepared, launched and restrictions were lifted. Rachel and her two partners Kelly and David moved forward, and Wild Spirit River Company was formed.


They wanted to create something different, something memorable. As they discussed the vision of the company a thought was born. Wild Spirit River Company offers 3-day, 2-night trips with a local musician. Entertainment will be provided each evening from a from a rising local artist. The creativity didn’t stop there, they wanted this trip to have more than others. Wild Spirit River Company will provide your tent, your chair, your overnight drybags, and shuttle* your car. What else set’s us apart? The Food.

On the menu of our overnight trips, you can expect meals like grilled steak, potatoes and salad. We will offer salmon, rice and asparagus. We’ve worked hard on our menu and are pleased to have come up with some great variations. Do you have dieting restrictions? No problem, just let us know at registration what they are, and we are happy to accommodate those needs.


Rafting if a fun for the whole family and we look forward to rafting with you!

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. — A.A. Milne

Offering Memorable Whitewater Rafting Trips


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Our Guides

Lacey Anderson

Lacey is a well seasoned rafting guide.  She’s been around the world on some of the most challenging rivers that exist.  She’s also an ex-BLM Ranger who worked on the Rogue, Snake, Salmon and Colorado Rivers here in the US as well as several rivers in Peru.  During the off season she’s a credentialed schoolteacher  from Twenty Nine Palms, California.  She made a trip to Oregon for the summer just to make sure our customers were treated like royalty!!      

Lacey loves to cook & will be making appetizers from her cookbooks on our trips.  If you really like the food and would like to get the recipes just click here and it will magically take you to the NRS website where they can be purchased.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

David Kinker

A 30 year rafting guide you can trust.  The river is his classroom and you’ll be amazed at how much of his knowledge you’ll absorb while he’s teaching  from the back of the boat.  

When he’s not on the water you’ll find him on the river bank with an easel and paint brush in hand, painting the landscape before him in all it’s natural beauty.  

Here’s a sample off what you’ll find in the gallery at his website or possibly a local gallery showing as well.  

David Colburn

David is a multi-talented individual.  He’s been guiding rafting trips since 2006. In early 2021 he became a partner in Wild Spirit River Company to manage the daily operations.  He’s a seasoned rafting guide that you can trust to keep you safe and sound on the river.  When he’s not on the river he’s also busy with other duties like making sure the Tygh Valley RFD is functioning on a next to nothing budget or possibly even delivering your mail if you happen to live in the local area.  How you fit all that into a tidy basket is rather amazing!

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