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Jul 13, 2021


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Full Day Trip $650.00 (Guide, Raft-up to 8 people) Weekday

Deschutes River Rafting

Experience a family friendly white water guided rafting adventure on the scenic Deschutes River. Your full day rafting adventure includes a guide, a raft for up to 8 people for $650.00. You book the raft and bring the guests (up to 8 people) and we will provide a friendly guide, some lunch, the shuttle (up to two cars) and some fun!

This is not your typical half-day-hurry-down-the-river Deschutes rafting experience. We offer a full day of adventure, including a raft meeting in the board room and a short stay in the champange room. We’ll take a lunch break at Maupin City Park. Enjoy an afternoon hike up the White River for fun on the White River Chutes, followed by swimming the elevators rapids. We look forward to spending the day with you!

We will meet you at Harpham Flats in Maupin, Oregon at 10:00AM the day of your trip. We will provide shuttle services partnered with Linda’s Shuttles for up to two cars at no additional cost. Information on how to register with Linda’s Shuttle can be found on our website.

Sold out!