Linda’s River Shuttle

The one thing most often forgotten is your car. Do you really want to leave it out in the middle of nowhere for three days? We don’t think so. Wild Spirit River Company has an arrangement with Linda’s River Shuttles to keep your car in a safe place while you’re on the river and magically it’ll appear at the takeout before our arrival.

What you need to know

You will need to bring 2 sets of keys/fobs. One set we will deliver to Linda’s Shuttle. The other set of keys you will need to bring on the trip with you.

You will need to register with Linda’s Shuttle here, be sure and note that you are with Wild Spirit River Company.

You are required to fill out an AUTHORIZATION and RELEASE form with Linda’s Shuttle. You will find it at the bottom of the reserve now page.

If you carpool with another person on your trip we’ll help with the cost. If you come alone you’ll bear most of the cost yourself.

Here’s the deal:

3 or more people in 1 car= 0$ shuttle cost

2 people in a car= $35.00 shuttle cost

 1 person in a car= $70.00 Shuttle cost

 Shuttle your car with Linda’s River Shuttle